Thursday, September 10, 2009

v r alwaz de fisherman

"cost saving" became a hot & globalism topic after economy crisis...
all involved companies nowadays implementing cut these n that.. like mine... cut manpower (resign without replacement), cut material (paperless, everything use skype, email), cut utilities (switch off light & air-cond during lunch time), cut bss hour (sat no work)... at the end, cut pay!! (luckily... im js a junior with low pay, escaped..)
From cost saving, my fren told a story reg cook & fisherman. She said one day the cook resigned, for cost saving, no choice, the fisherman has to cook after catching fish. Fine, cause after fishing he might has extra time for rest, but then, whether a fisherman can cook like the cook before?
Company now won matter whether a right person doing the stupid thing or wrong person doing the wrong thing, as long as, we want to see the worker doing something. When problems arise, such as under performance, low quality, time-out, the boss will query the fisherman, the fisherman blame HR for wrong decision, HR argue that the cook did not hand-over properly.
Again, fine la... we get the pay at the end. As long during business hour i was there selling my time and effort for every second, except some wc time, coffee time & snake snake sometime, u can point me here & there as per you wish, as long as i make my wish come true every end of the month.
A perfect demanding & supplying, buying & selling, giving & taking, bearing or leaving...

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