Tuesday, September 08, 2009

distance and difference

i paid for every second i spent in the past, without happiness, when thought life was too long, n i was too young. i tried to be silent, make no sense, n perhaps, no one know me better than myself.
i accepted the truth of my empty life, when both of u gave me empty love, uncluding u n u n u....
nevertheless, actual fact made no change when u n u n u are surronding me now, i feel the love sometimes, but it is predictable, to be lost, in a day.
i used to be alone, living, sleeping, working, thinking, n love to be like that. so when luxury people came to me, n disappear in another second, it is not a luxury missing and lossing for me, as my starting point is zero. don put me in all of u heart, if they both forgo me when i js turned up a full moon, pls don bother when will be a full moon for me in my life.
i appreciate, sorry to those love me, n thank to those hurt me, as we are all in a house, but different life.
make no comments on me...

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