Wednesday, July 13, 2011

unknown number

接到一个“Unknown number”的电话。

他:hello miss chan xxx xxx, this is xx calling from citibank.
他:first, i do some verification with you before we proceed further.
他:may i know what is your ic number?
我:wait, how i know you are from citibank?
他:or miss chan, can you tell me your address please, this is for verification purpose only.
我:may i know what is it regarding?
他:sorry i cannot tell, but we need to confirm you are miss chan xxx xxx before we can proceed further.
我:perhaps, you confirm you are from citibank first, as your number appeared in my phone showing "unknown".
他:its up to you miss chan, you may call citibank to know what is happening.
我:ok i will, but please advise me what is it regarding so that i can refer to the right dept.
他:sorry miss chan we cannot tell.

怎样?我就是很怕 unknown number.